Life, Complexity & Cycles in Big History

by royalarse13

Cycles are hugely evident in nature.  They occur physically on minute and grand scales and also psycologically, in the organisms complex enough to learn in real time.

Information is the currency of the modern homo sapien.  This is why social media is such a massively important theme for investors and humanitarians alike: Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, StockTwits et al are networks of people who share information in real time, for free, to anyone with an internet connection.

As gloomy as some are on matters economic, social or political it is critically important to step back and view things from the proverbial 30000 foot perch to realize the unlimited potential for technological innovation and human prosperity.  Lucky for those uninitiated few, the people at Big History are working on that.

Enjoy this TED Talk ” …an enlightening, wide-angle look at complexity, life and humanity, set against our slim share of the cosmic timeline.”  

“Backed by stunning illustrations, David Christian narrates a complete history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the Internet, in a riveting 18 minutes.” — Here: