What Role Does Social Media Play in Sales?

by royalarse13

How would you feel if your Personal Banker sent you a text message?  What if your Travel Agent sent you a Tweet when destinations of interest came on sale?  How about an automatically constructed grocery list based on things (individual food items or packaged goods, or the raw components in measured amounts from specific recipes etc) you have ‘Liked” on Facebook?  This question was posed in the open forum here:

‘What role should social media play in the conversations that sales reps have?’ on @Focus http://focus.com/c/I8Z/

I find it odd and unfortunate how the common salesman is always 1-step behind the communication curve when disseminating info to their clients/customers: from mail, phone, email, text, to social media.

Higher levels of engagement through social media/text are clearly a better way to drive buying behaviour and increase sales effectiveness, but timeliness is key!  Early adopters and laggards probably lose any advantage due to lack of- or loss of- scale as these media evolve.  Once the barrier for contact is dropped in a particular medium the effectiveness seems to be lost as the customer has moved on.

Be relevant and stay nimble.  Communication platforms in the social media/mobile web arena will come and go like the customers themselves.  Pick your battles wisely.