Search, Social Networks & the Robots that Ruined Them

by royalarse13

Wrote this a few years ago, proud of the content and wanted to give it a bump.

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Many social media experts have lamented on deterioration in the quality of search engines and social networks recently.  The criticism is wide-ranging, but one specific area so pervasive and influential on the content we consume needs to be explored in great detail: the impact of algorithms.

Understanding how filtered-algorithmic search skews your information consumption is vital to the Information Revolution.  Is it a good thing that two different people searching identical topics at the same time will yield dramatically different results?  Eli Pariser discusses what he calls invisible algorithmic editing at Ted:

To paraphrase a few key points:

  • There is a shift to how information is flowing online and it is invisible.
  • Facebook noticed that I was clicking more links from a certain type of friend .  Without consulting me about it, the contrary links were edited out: they disappeared.
  • Phenomena observed even when logged out — search…

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