Occam’s Razor: who is most likely to be Satoshi Nakamoto?

by royalarse13

An empirical attempt to identify Satoshi. Even though it doesn’t matter who / what invented bitcoin, the mystery is deeply fascinating!


Bitcoin is a very non-obvious idea, of the kind that takes years of crystallization; maybe an entire lifetime. An idea born from the cypherpunk mindset, developed over time by a person with a deep passion for economics of the most abstract kind and a mastery of unusual cryptography concepts. The recent suggestions in the press that every other person who has a scientific background could be the creator of Bitcoin only serve to show how little some “journalists” understand about Bitcoin and its origins.

Previously on this blog, I talked about how a search for characteristic turns of phrase occurring in the original Bitcoin whitepaper led me to the essays of Professor Nick Szabo. Here I recapitulate what I found so far, and present new results from a stylometric analysis applied to the usual suspects of Bitcoin.

First, let us review the facts known about Nick Szabo (NS).

  • NS is…

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